Saturday, April 13, 2024

April Showers

What do you when it rains for three days and you are desperate to get into the garden. I went out and bought a rain suit. I haven't tried it on yet, but I am not above going out in pouring rain and pounding wind to baby my baby spinach!😆
My daughter's Great Dane escaped into my garden yesterday, and she almost got stuck out there coaxing him out, even in rain boots! He didn't like how his paws were sinking in the mud, so he decided he was just going to stay out there in my brand new strawberry bed...forever.🙄
You've seen Zeus before if you've kept up with my Youtube videos. 
Each paw weighs, like, a thousand pounds. He doesn't drink water from cute, dainty bowls. He drinks from a bucket. Like a horse. And where did he remember lots and lots of buckets? Noooow you're getting it. And the only way I can assess the damage is to go out in driving rain and 45 mile per hour wind, with mud boots that will probably get sucked off my poor, innocent feet. I'm not very fond of the cold, muddy watery feeling creeping around my toes. 
I'll keep you posted. If in my next video, it looks like I've been crying and covered in mud, you'll know why.

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