Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Welcoming The New Into The Old

 The garden that I've been envisioning is coming into its own now. April has seen lots of changes from the heartbreaking brown of winter to bursts of color as some of the perennials of the garden (along with transplanted starts) are blossoming. Well, some are blossoming while others are just debutantes. 

The strawberries planted among Peppermint Forest are beginning to peek out. I'll be adding more strawberries, but to grow bags instead of inground, just in case I decide this isn't working here.

The strawberries in the second pallet A-frame (below) have minds of their own. 

I have been enjoying the biodome experience from these Sterlite totes! They started out as seed starter greenhouses and have ended up finishing out some of my vegetables all the way to harvest. I have a head of Green Ice lettuce that grew from seed to harvest inside one of these clear totes!

This comfrey (below) is coming back after a mild winter of slumber. I can't wait for the flowers!

This lemon thyme (below)  is beginning to flower. It provided its yumminess all winter long.

The perfect-looking mullein plant (below) is going to make a great tincture!

These Sugar Daddy sweet peas will taste great in the pod or as dried peas. I plan to make some pea powder this year to go into some of my protein shakes.

This Zinnia flower mixture is going to be a beautiful addition to the west entrance of the garden.

The beautiful soil in the repurposed soil bed has been hiding underneath a shallow bed of weeds.

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