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Eazy Zucchini Bread

I take no credit for the recipe for this zucchini bread. None whatsoever! It was really good, whoever you are that created the actual recipe I used. Thank you!

Hail To The Queen | Bees, bees, bees | Parts 1 & 2

If you follow my Youtube channel,  here , you can see Part 1 of Hail to the Queen.  I'll drop it for you anyway, in case you don't feel like opening extra tabs and windows.  Part 2 of Hail to the Queen is exclusively on this site.   PART ONE OF "HAIL TO THE QUEEN". Part two of "HAIL TO THE QUEEN" is a series of unedited videos-- you see every time I try to get closer, every time one gets into my face and I have to move, and you hear each sigh and gasp. Lol! Enjoy! PART TWO, "HAIL TO THE QUEEN".

Link to the video of How I Am Dealing With Fibroids, Part 1.

How I Am Dealing With Fibroids, Part 1

My Journey With Fibroids, Part 1

This is an embedded Microsoft Office document, powered by Office . I will be updating this as I have time to do so. I plan to share more of my story, as far as dealing with fibroids go, and what worked (works) for me to keep them under control.   I will also be posting videos about this on my Youtube channel! Thank you for stopping by!

Heidi takes a bath outside!