Monday, July 27, 2020

While summer moves on...

There are so many things going on here!  The garden out back, the container garden, the trees and bushes being tended at the new property... and the farming.

We are still keeping up the agricultural side of the family farm, and there are soybeans in every field. Because it is so dry and hot (with nary a sign of rain), the plants are becoming stressed. There are a few choices of watering the fields, and none of them without a down side. The most expensive is to pipe in irrigation. This is stupid for us, in my opinion, because we're trying to phase out agricultural farming and grow more food for our community locally. The soybeans we sell are most assuredly going to manufacturers for cooking oil, "soy lecithin products" and animal feed. As this solar cycle (yes, we're in a grand solar minimum) continues, food will become more scarce.  It makes no sense to continue using growing space for commercial products when people in our own county are looking at empty produce aisles.

The container garden... it's doing so good!  And the corn in the back garden that was messed up really bad from Cristobal has already been harvested. We got lots of good sweet corn in the freezer. I plan to make a lot of chicken corn chowder...once the family harvests some of the meat chickens.  Take a look at the video I shot of the corn after the tropical storm came through.

I suspect there will be more weather anomalies until we are past this sun cycle.

Thanks for reading!

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