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So I'm an ENFP-A...

I'm an ENFP-A. I've been this way pretty much my entire life. Still, I took the "16 Personalities" test to see if I've become something other than what I am. (Ha!)  

 So what's this mean? Why should you care? How's this different from my being a classic Gemini (which I am also)? I don't know the answer to that last question. I was just thinking/typing out loud. I do this a lot—have conversations with myself, tapping into/checking in with my subconscious. (Nah. This isn't some New Age mumbo jumbo.)  It doesn't mean I know where I want to eat, or, if I'm restless, where I want to go. (I can be pretty frustrating if you don't have a mind to take the wheel and choose when I'm indecisive. Just ask those who know me. ) I just know who I am, and can shed some light for those of you who sometimes scratch your heads about me. I'm blessed (nah, I'm gifted) with intuition that borders discernment. I wear my heart on my sleeve most of t…

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