Thursday, April 18, 2024

The garden is looking like a garden now!

 Remember the other day when I was going out in the pouring rain to check on the garden? Yeah, well...that day saw the opening and subsequent ripping of my rain suit. 😅 It seemed to fit fine, and I wore it over my regular clothes. I walked around for a few minutes in the driving rain, and just as the rain began to slow down, I saw a carrot top peeking out of the soil. As I bent in for a closer look, I felt the rip. It seemed small, but when I pulled off the rain pants, I saw it ripped from the crotch seam aaaall the way down to the ankle! I stayed dry, but I can't wear those again. Twenty dollars down the drain.

But with the April showers come mid-April, well, maybe not flowers. Take a look!

(Above) The little tree frog who eats stink bugs and moths
 (and probably spiders) on the porch.

I'm really thankful for nature's helpers!

                                             (Below) Various garden beds...

(Above) This comfrey is flowering!

(Above) I love mullein's health properties!

All these things have sprang up since the last rains. I'm so proud of my little corner of the world. I can't wait to see some tomatoes and peppers, though. 

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