Saturday, November 18, 2023

Since my last post, I have been over more potholes and fallen trees on my proverbial journey that it's just now that I am able to coast with the windows down...I mean, I really won't  do that on this road. Winged insects pelt the windshield and then bounce off and into the open windows. I don't know about you, but I've had my share of headless dragonflies and smashed horseflies landing in my lap.
Just as when I drive the potholey back road, I now am playing my own emotionally-charged version of The Hunger Games
We went from a manageable number of entitled canine brats to two more...and these two have crazy issues all on their own. Then a family member was physically attacked, and  that has its own set of stressors and procedures that are giving our appointment books a run for their money.
Add to that the weather is foreboding-- lots of rain predicted. I'm not  a very negative person, so I'm  still trying to maneuver these brand spanking new potholes along my journey but it probably won't be graceful.
If I may take away the metaphors and just be frank, I'm about to be a grandparent of twins.

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