Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Google Satellite went over the garden...

 Why on earth did it have to take pictures of the entire acreage with the garden in the hot mess, dead of winter stage?  It's right there, for everyone who is a fan of all that's fallen over, brown, withered, and disgusting to see.  Of course, it looks a little better now, but only a tad. 

Ed and Ethan moved some of the pallets around that won't be used this season. I'm re-doing quite a large portion of the garden layout. Whether it will all turn out like I have it in my mind will be fun to see. Some of the things that won't be coming back are the sunflowers. Apparently, the horse flies love them as much as I do.  I just don't feel like fighting them as passionately as I did the last two seasons.  I'll miss Sunflower Row, but once the horsefly breeding population is down some, I'm sure I can add it back in following seasons. 

Last year, I said I wouldn't grow anymore tomatoes or squash this season.  Well, after discovering Jellybean, Supersweet Candy Town, and other varieties of salad and cherry tomatoes, I'm growing lots of the littles. Tomato sandwich tomatoes and the gigantic slicer varieties take too much space.  I'm also going to grow one type of squash early this year-- a golden acorn variety.  I don't know why, but I know I will harvest them and dehydrate them in cubes. 

My focus this year will be peppers, mainly cayennes and bells. I have Albino Bullnose pepper seeds, but they didn't do well for me last year. I don't know if it's the seeds or the me.😆 One of us did something wrong, though, I'm sure of it.

I need to get another coffee grinder, because that's how I grind my dehydrated foods into powders. Do you know of a better kind than the little handheld Mr. Coffee one I reviewed a year or so ago? Let me know. 

I didn't grow corn last year, but I am probably going to do some next season now that I have seen a gigantic decrease in rodents.Those ultrasonic pest deterrents really work.

I've still got a variety of greens and other brassicas to put out. Some are sitting in clear totes outside already, eagerly awaiting their release into the garden. 

Hopefully, the last of the building of our house will wind up, and there will be less traffic through the yard. We'll see.

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