Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Curvy Roads Go On Forever

After that last bomb I dropped, I disappeared for a while. I don't even know how long it's been since I posted about the twins. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, we can see their facial features. I may get a little detailed here, so if you get squeamish about inutero stuff, feel free to skip this next paragraph. 

We can also now ponder how all the extensive testing that has been done on them-- I say "testing," but the more appropriate wording is probably akin to "studying"-- has determined they are identical twins which share one placenta, are both males, and two weeks into the third trimester look nothing alike. Identical twins, as determined by DNA and other testing, who are no longer identical-looking because of experiences that are happening to them individually. Although the multiples specialists my daughter is being seen by assure us this is completely normal, this equally puzzles and fascinates me because I've always thought identical twins had to look identical from birth. Apparently, if one of them is getting all of mom's fatty nutrients and the other is receiving all the sugar and caffeine, it creates conditions similar to postutero feedings, i.e., one kid's gonna be a chunky butt and the other a hyperactive gymnast. Take a look at them from this 4D ultrasound visit:

One's face is muscular and thin.  The other's face is a little more broad, and he has chubby cheeks. The muscular one  (the one at the top) is the one doing most of the moving and complaining. You can't see it from the photo, but the one on the bottom is actually laying his head on the chest of the one on top. And he's heavier by half a pound, which is apparently enough weight that the one on top can't do the cartwheels he enjoys. Most of this photo shoot was the smaller one complaining about the heavier one.  We only got one photo with the smaller one with his mouth closed. The snuggle bunny only complained when the ultrasound tech asked my daughter to turn to her side in hopes he would move off the smaller one so we could get a better picture of the smaller one. 

Is this blog gonna turn into one of those annoying "Look at my grandkids" snoozefests we all know are out there? Hardly.  These two are a part of the curvy roads I'm currently traveling. A big part.  

Our house is almost completely built now, and at the beginning of the journey, babies weren't a part of the build. Well, not baby humans anyway. I still have paddocks and barns and coops to build. I still have a garden that is all kinds of hot mess to get together. Somehow, all this is happening, and I totally am a believer that it all happens for a reason and nothing is a suprise to the Creator. I wish I could get some hints in advance of some of them, but I guess if I did know how every single thing in life would turn out, there'd be no reason for faith.

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