Wednesday, March 13, 2024

DIY Biodomes/Cheap greenhouses for winter sowing

 In about 5 days, we'll have our last frost (fingers crossed) and I'll be able to put out a lot of my plants. I've got mixed feelings about taking my plants from the Sterlite totes that have been their protective biodomes. I'm gonna have to release them to the weather, the bugs, the birds, and whatever else is running around out there in the garden. If the video refuses to open above, feel free to click and watch it here.
I'm not ready to let them go, but I feel some of this hesitation is a mashup of feelings with my preborn twin grandsons and my daughter.  It's always been a little weird watching my kids make their own life choices and being completely responsible for the outcomes. And it's always been weird watching my garden take on a life of its own without my constant control over every single aspect of it. 
Am I really comparing plants with kids and grandkids? I don't know. I'm just putting out a weird brainstorm (more like brain scramble) and pondering it. My kids have always been a bit sheltered, just like I have sheltered my plants. Ed has informed me that if I insist upon leaving the plants inside the protective Sterlite containers, the awful southern sun and high temperatures fond of this region will bake and shatter the plastic. I have no choice but to let the plants out into the unknown. 
I never thought of myself as the controlling kind. Maybe a small bit of me is like that?

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