Saturday, October 7, 2023

Making Room

Some of my Youtube viewers (and a few family members) know that we've been building a house with no mortgage. It's been a series of ups and downs. Imagine having cash in hand on Monday and then on Thursday the price of lumber ascends to the heavens-- and stays there for two years!
We didn't want to pay a million dollars for a house only worth $100K. So we waited. And waited. And waited
At first, it was difficult to not be bitter. Okay, angry. I went through all the stages of grief. I knew I was going to build this house, but if I was going to do it on my own terms, I'd have to invoke patience.
And so I grieved, not the loss of the dream but the delay. 
It was settled, though. I was adamant about not taking out a mortgage, and also certainly not going to pay more than I had to. 
What was I going to do while I waited for the costs associated with building to go down? I decided to wait constructively. To act while not advancing. To not be stagnant.
So while I was stalled, I decided to do everything else --brushing up on framing walls, working the newest Ramset tools, hanging sheetrock-- all via Youtube videos, books, and articles.
And the garden still needed tending, so that was another thing that was added to the busyness list. 
I'd already drawn up my future structures plans for the homestead, so I decided to map out walking paths. Then still more projects presented themselves when one of the lawn guys accidentally weedate (Is that a word? It feels weird to say 'weedeatered') the incoming water pipe against the foundation. Sawed that thing right off! 
As the "to do while waiting" list grew longer, the price of lumber was growing lower.
What I didn't quite realize until a few days ago is that while not stressing about what I couldn't change, and working on things I could change, I wasn't merely making do with what was left. I was making room in my life for future growth. 
If I'd given in way back when and gotten a home loan, I would not have met some of the wonderful people I know now. I didn't have room in my heart or time to cultivate relationships with them at that time. I wouldn't even have one of the dogs I have now, Elodie, because by the time she came along, there would have been livestock guardian dogs who wouldn't have gotten along with her and I wouldn't have wanted the extra stress of integrating a nonworking dog into the pack.
I have met contractors that I didn't know then also, and they have all become like my own family to me. I also wouldn't have had extra room on my calendar to serve my community with the many outreach programs I'm a part of.
So now I look at all the time I have redeemed, and am sure to tell others that when it seems like the best option is to "make do," now I let them know it's easier instead to make room.

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