Sunday, October 1, 2023

Changes are coming...

It's been a while since I have updated this blog. The summer garden is going downhill, but our Roma tomato patch and everything growing at the arched cattle panels simply refuse to succumb to my urge to start the Fall garden.

Sooo...what has Ernie been up to? Those who follow me on Youtube can see I have begun the gradual end-of-summer growing season descent into varied content. I'm showing more of the outdoor camera footage, and even some of our family group's livestock footage.

Some things will be changing on my Youtube channel. Those of you who happen to peek onto this page will get the news first. Like, Sunday Shoutouts will go from three channels a week to just one. And you know those giveaways I do? There'll be even more, including the random ones that I just wake up in the morning and do a random comment picker on the last video I published.

I will also do a few vlogs every now and again. A dear friend, Matthias Lenardt (also on Youtube under that moniker),has suggested I put my loosely-marbled mind out in front of a lens occasionally. I'm taking him up on that one.

I will also announce giveaways on this blog that I will not announce on Youtube. Entrants will receive a code word or phrase to enter in the comments of a specific video on Youtube. It's not an incentive to read a blog I rarely keep updated, but more a "thank you".

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