Solo Cup Garden Series

Started August 27, 2022

I decided to do another growing series, sort of an experiment, to see if it is feasible to actually grow and harvest vegetables from Solo cups.  Lots of gardens begin life in a Solo cup or a styrofoam cup, but how many plants spend their entire lives from seed to fruiting in the same vessel?

Can it be done?

Can I do it?

I think I can.

So I chose 7 plants, and except for lettuce and carrots, I placed two seeds in each cup.  They are:

1. Hot pepper- Buena Mulata 

2. Sweet pepper- ODA pepper (whatever that is)

3. Lettuce- Green Ice Lettuce

4. Small tomato- Black Cherry tomato

5. Carrot- Amarillo carrot

6. Flower- Alaska Nasturtium

7. Giant Double Canary Zinnia


I used a $5 peat/coconut coir seed starting medium that was on clearance for 50% off because gardening season is being replaced with Christmas season at Walmart in that town.  As seeds begin to sprout, I will add a water soluble fertilizer to the mixture to create a growth medium, and we'll go from there.

I will begin posting it on Youtube soon...  and the videos will then appear on this blog first, and then on to Youtube a few days later. So yeah, you will see them here first in posts.

Thanks for the visit!

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